Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Savannah Trip

**I've updated with Hailey's pics now!

At the beginning of June, Mom took Hailey, Lizzy, Virginia, and me to Savannah, GA for a girls trip.  We had a great time exploring the live oak-lined streets, eating at delicious restaurants, shopping, and just enjoying each others' company.  It basically rained (POURED) the entire trip, but I actually didn't mind.  I hadn't frolicked in rain and puddles so much since I was little!  Thank goodness for the rain shield we have for the stroller, though.  This trip would have been a disaster without it! 

The kiddos on the road trip there:

 We had dinner the first night at Lady and Sons, which we thought was just okay.
And that has nothing to do with Paula's recent controversies. :)

Kisses for Bebe
(all photos are from my iPhone, so excuse the quality)

Virginia was such a big girl on this trip.. I was so proud of her!
It was during this dinner that she signed "more", which I hadn't shown her in weeks (maybe months).  

On day 2, we just did a lot of walking and shopping.

Love this -

Liz became a stroller-pushing-pro

I could just eat her up!!

One of my favorite stores was Savannah Bee Company, which had all sorts of local honeys and honey products.  It also had a children's play area inside of a big beehive.  Winnie the Pooh was playing, there were books about honey bees... it was adorable.  And Virginia liked looking through the windows of it while she and Bebe were playing inside.  :)

We had lunch at Leopold's Ice Cream, which I loved.  
For those of you from Florence -- it was like a fancier, cleaner Trowbridges!
Of course Bebe got Virginia her own scoop of ice cream.

 That evening we attempted to take some decent pictures of the girls in their matching outfits, but Virginia was being a wild child and wouldn't stay still long enough.

Blurry, but her face is hilarious
(If you've heard V's "Ooo!" sound, you can imagine that she has found something very interesting here!)

Kisses for Lizzy

 We ate dinner at The Olde Pink House, which was fab-u-lous.  A must if you're in Savannah!

On day 3, it poured so heavily that I didn't get my phone out to take pictures, but Hailey got a couple.  We went on a tour of the Mercer Williams house (the setting of the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil story)... well, actually, everyone but V and me went on the tour.  We got kicked out before making it to the second room because V was being too loud.  :)

We spent several hours drying off/napping at the inn before heading out for more shopping and dinner. 

Day 4 we hit the road back to Alabama.

 V watched her first Disney movie, Robin Hood, on the long drive home.
I don't know why, but I was so excited for her to be enjoying it!

What a great trip with my girls!! 

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